2015 MasterLab Sessions

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2015 MasterLab Sessions

Last month, I was invited to participated in Diabetes Hands Foundation’s Masterlab sessions, held during the Friends for Life Conference in Orlando, FL. While Diabetes Hands Foundation paid for my registration and a portion of my travel and lodging through a scholarship, my synopsis reflects my personal views, opinions and experiences while there.

During the two-day meeting, I was fortunate to hear information from various professionals in the diabetes-world, professionals dedicated to supporting diabetes advocates, professionals who have a vested interest in keeping patients informed and healthy.  I was also able to (re)connect with many of our supporters, partners, and bloggers in the diabetes community, who make daily efforts to provide information to patients.

I learned a great deal from other advocates that shared meeting space with me, especially about my personal diabetes management while being an advocate for so many women. This group taught me about balance, but more importantly, they taught me about advocacy for myself and for YOU.

One speaker, Marina Tsaplina, Founder of The Betes Organization, shared this:

Diabetes: Not our fault. Our Responsibility.

Those two sentences speak volumes. Regardless of the type of diabetes we have, our socio-economic status, our age or sex: we need to band together and be responsible for our treatment plan and care.

It IS our responsibility. It is my responsibility to advocate on behalf of women living with diabetes. I intend to do that. For myself. And for you.